ASEZ Human Rights Day Tabling Event at Northeastern University

Human Rights Day Tabling Event by ASEZ Near Northeastern University

Sometimes, we forget how important our fundamental human rights are. But ASEZ volunteers set out to empower their local community. On December 19, about 15 ASEZ volunteers hosted a tabling event near Northeastern University in honor of International Human Rights Day.

International Human Rights Day

Human Rights Day is globally commemorated every year on December 10. That’s the day the United Nations General Assembly adopted the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR). The UDHR proclaims the rights every human being is entitled to, regardless of race, religion, gender, language, and opinion. Each year has a theme — this year being: “Youth Standing Up for Human Rights.”

The UDHR was the first pledge of the world for human rights for everyone. It defines the standard to ensure human rights for all people. Furthermore, it emphasizes universally protecting human rights and has been translated into over 500 languages.

Student Volunteers Advocate for Human Rights for All

Volunteers set up panels by the university campus. They explained ASEZ’s three campaigns: Greenship, Reduce Crime Together, and Implementing the SDGs. Students, faculty, and residents heard about the importance of our human rights. Also, they had the chance to sign up for future volunteer activities.

“It’s something that many people take for granted. But we’re celebrating and letting people know because it goes with a lot of things ASEZ does,” one ASEZ volunteer stated.

ASEZ volunteers aim to remind the community how crucial our role is. They want to empower future leaders to make a positive change. Additionally, volunteers hope to work with other students to advocate for human rights for all people.

Visit the ASEZ page to learn more about volunteer activities for university students!

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