Women’s Veil

The Women's Veil and Honor in Worship

The Church of God teaches about the requirement of the women’s veil during worship. God established His laws for the spiritual benefit of His people. And for each command, He specified how to keep them so we can be blessed (Lev 18:4–5).


When it comes to worship, God established certain regulations we must follow so our worship may be acceptable to God. One such regulation is the requirement for women to cover their heads during worship while men should worship with their heads uncovered. This practice is based on the biblical teaching Apostle Paul passed on to the Early Church from Christ (1Co 11:1).

“Every man who prays ... with his head covered dishonors his head [Christ]. ...

Every woman who prays ... with her head uncovered dishonors her head.”

1 Corinthians 11:4–5

Apostle Paul taught the members of the Early Church the way to honor God during worship—a man honors God by not covering his head, and a woman honors God by covering her head. That is why the women in the Church of God always wear a veil while worshiping or praying to God.

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