Blood Drives

Improving Health and Saving Lives

The World Mission Society Church of God hosts blood drives around the world to help people in danger of losing their lives due to blood shortages. Local government officials and community members also join the Church of God to donate blood. Their united efforts help relieve blood banks, hospitals, and patients in need of blood transfusions.


The simple act of donating blood can have a profound meaning for those who really need it. A single pint of blood collected per donor can save up to three lives. Through this selfless act of donating blood, we practice sharing love with others.

Featured Activities

Group photo of Church of God volunteers and blood center staff at the 2016 Mega Blood Drive

East Coast Mega Blood Drive 2016

The World Mission Society Church of God held its Mega Blood Drive 2016 in 13 different locations along the East Coast and the Caribbean on the same day.