Christ Ahnsahnghong


Christ Ahnsahnghong began the restoration movement to re-establish the teachings of the Early Church, starting with the New Covenant Passover as the way to salvation, in 1948. Then in 1964, He officially founded the Church of God as the only church keeping the seven feasts of God in three times.

The Bible testifies that Second Coming Christ would revive all of the teachings of the Early Church. Because Christ Ahnsahnghong has fulfilled these biblical prophecies, members of the Church of God believe He is Second Coming Christ.

The Bible testifies that Second Coming Christ would revive all of the teachings of the Early Church.

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The Savior and the New Name

The Bible testifies that God carries out the work of salvation under different names depending on the time. Discover the reason why Christ has appeared with the new name of Ahnsahnghong.

Second Coming Christ and
the Last Judgment

The second coming of Christ and Judgment Day are thought to occur at the same time. However, the Bible describes them as two separate events. Learn the significance of this and how Christ will come at His second coming.

The Sign of Second Coming Christ

To understand the time of His second coming, Jesus told us to learn the lesson of the fig tree, which symbolizes the nation of Israel. See the prophecy of Second Coming Christ unfold through Israel’s rebirth in 1948.

God's Coming from the East

Thousands of years ago, the Bible prophesied that Jehovah God would be born as a child in Bethlehem. Jesus Christ fulfilled that prophecy. Study the prophecy that explains Christ would be born in South Korea at His second coming.

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