Heavenly Mother

Understanding Heavenly Mother Through Our Physical Family

God created the systems on earth as a copy and shadow of what is in Heaven to help us understand the heavenly things we cannot see.

“The work ... is only a copy and a shadow of what is in heaven.”​

Hebrews 8:5 (NCV)

Families on this earth, too, are a copy and shadow of the heavenly family. The family system is among one of the most important systems in our civilization. It allows life to continue to exist in all species. We know a traditional family as consisting of a father, mother and children. This means that the heavenly family also consists of a father, mother and children. In fact, God created human fathers to teach us about our spiritual Father—God the Father (Mt 6:9).

“We have all had fathers here on earth who disciplined us, and we respected them. So it is even more important that we accept discipline from the Father of our spirits so we will have life.”

Through the Bible, God teaches us that He is the Father of our spirit. The title of “father” implies that He has children. So God the Father calls us His “sons and daughters.”

“I will be your father, and you will be my sons and daughters, says the Lord Almighty.”

God teaches us the relationship between us and God is that of a father and children. However, as we have seen, the creation contains God’s will. And in the creation, living organisms do not exist without a mother. Children and fathers cannot exist without mothers. The fact that God is our Father and considers us His children implies that there must exist a Heavenly Mother.

“But the Jerusalem that is above is free, and she is our mother.”

heavenly family earthly family

The Bible explains that the Jerusalem above, the Heavenly Jerusalem, is our Mother. “Our” refers to God’s children. Just as our physical mother gave birth to us, Heavenly Mother gives eternal life to our spirits. And just as we could not have come into existence without our human mothers, our spirits cannot have spiritual life without Heavenly Mother. 

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Heavenly Mother

Just as we cannot physically exist without our human mothers, our spirits cannot have spiritual life without Heavenly Mother.

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