Save the Earth

ASEZ is a group of university student volunteers who act
to address pressing needs in  communities around the world.

We carry out the SAVE Movement in 175 countries.


Social Service


Awareness Raising


Victim Relief


Environmental Protection

About ASEZ

People are suffering from disasters caused by climate change—earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, terrorists attacks, wars, and catastrophes. They are in need of help. The answer to all these challenges depends on young adults, whose actions can produce a real and lasting change on our planet.

As university students are tomorrow’s future leaders, if all of them work together to solve the specific problems within each campus, the hopeful future of humanity will soon become a reality. ASEZ wholeheartedly believes that, while the power of one person may be weak, together, we have the ability to change despair and sorrow into hope and happiness.

Recent Events

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ASEZ Working Together for World Peace Concert

March 12, 2019|1 Comment

ASEZ held Working Together for World Peace to raise awareness on how to contribute to the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) through volunteerism. The Church of God in New Windsor, NY hosted the concert.

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ASEZ Future Leaders Forum

January 25, 2019|14 Comments

Speakers addressed the good deeds and altruism of ASEZ's student volunteers, encouraging them to take the lead in creating a better and brighter future for their communities and for the world.

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