San Juan DIY Eco-Friendly Bag Event 2

ASEZ Volunteers in San Juan Host DIY Eco-Friendly Bag Event

ASEZ volunteers in San Juan, Puerto Rico carried out a DIY eco-friendly bag event on March 4, 2024. 11 students and some of their professors gathered at Albizu University to think about creative ways to reduce single-use plastics. The event began with an introduction to ASEZ and a discussion on their initiatives for environmental impact. Afterwards, the students and professors decorated their own reusable tote bag.

Addressing Single-Use Plastics

Single-use plastic bags are widely consumed worldwide, but they have harmful effects on the environment. The United Nations reports that people use five hundred billion of these bags annually, which can take 1,000 years to decompose. They harm marine and terrestrial ecosystems and contribute to climate change. Scientists have found microplastics in almost everything including food and clothing, exposing people to chemicals. While using a plastic bag for groceries may seem harmless, it greatly impacts oceans, land, and our health.

For this reason, ASEZ takes the lead in protecting the environment by having campus and community cleanups, forums, and much more.

Making Eco-Friendly Changes on Campus

After the event, Professor Érika González from Albizu University expressed, “It is important that students commit not only to their academic and professional development but also see their lives as a whole and work for the environment, conveying these messages to other young people. So, congratulations to the initiative of the association and to all the young people who are committed to it.”

Through these initiatives, ASEZ can educate and inspire students to make positive changes on campus for the environment. To see more ASEZ volunteer events, please click here.

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  1. It’s wonderful that young people are getting involved in eco-friendly activities. It shows that they care about the future.

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