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Church of God University Students Host Bible Exhibition at MIT

On April 8, 2024, university students from the Church of God organized their first Bible exhibition at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). The event provided MIT students with an opportunity to explore various Bible study topics in a classroom setting.

Upon arrival, MIT students were warmly welcomed and introduced to three different Bible study topics: Passover, Way to Eternal Life, Bible is Fact, and Heavenly Family and Earthly Family. Next, the students chose the one that interested them most and joined a full Bible study session.

Throughout the evening, a total of 7 Bible studies were held. However, the exhibition wasn’t just structured study sessions alone. 11 additional students stopped by after seeing the information displayed on the panels and were eager to learn more. One student in particular was deeply touched. After learning about the Passover, he scheduled a baptism appointment, excited to receive the way to eternal life.

A New Chapter Begins at MIT

Through this exhibition, the Church of God members created a welcoming space for MIT students to start building their faith. The students learned a lot about the Bible in a short study session, proving that it’s possible to include spiritual activities in a busy school schedule. Both undergraduate and graduate students were invited for future events, and will continue their bible studies on campus. As the exhibition ends, a new chapter begins—one centered on the students’ spiritual growth and happiness.

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