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ISBA Teacher Appreciation Event in San Juan, Puerto Rico

On Sunday, April 14, 2024, students from ISBA (International Student Bible Academy) organized a teacher appreciation event at the Church of God in Puerto Rico. A total of 40 teachers and 30 students from various schools attended.

The purpose of the event was to thank teachers for their hard work in helping students learn and succeed academically. Students shared a delicious dinner and gave beautifully wrapped gifts to express their gratitude.

A student named Fabián gave a letter to his teacher, who arrived at the event unexpectedly. He expressed, “I am very happy because my teacher came.” The teacher, Myrna Otero, responded excitedly, “Tomorrow I will tell all the children in the classroom about the activity.”

Students Lead the Way in Expressing Gratitude

In addition, the students were able to share the word of God with their teachers through the Bible seminar titled, “God Elohim: The Creator’s Signature.” The teachers were moved and excited by the initiative of their students, even shedding tears of joy during the event.

The students carefully prepared the entire event, from organizing the seminar to serving dinner to wrapping gifts for their teachers. The president of Caribbean University, Dr. Ana E. Cucurela-Adorno, and her husband, attorney Víctor T. Adorno, attended the event and expressed their amazement at the unity and active participation of the youth from the Church of God. They happily expressed their interest in participating in future activities.

The ISBA teacher appreciation event demonstrated the sincere respect and gratitude the students had for their hardworking teachers. The students are determined to follow God’s word to be the salt and light by displaying God’s glory in their schools. To view more Church of God events, please click here.

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