Trinidad ASEZ WAO Blue Ocean Campaign Cleanup on the beach

ASEZ WAO Blue Ocean Campaign Cleanup at Chagville Beach, Trinidad

ASEZ WAO volunteers carried out the Blue Ocean Campaign by cleaning up Chagville Beach in Chaguaramas, Trinidad. Joining the volunteers for the cleanup was Dr. Rahanna Juman, Deputy Director of Research, and Ian Chinapoo, CEO of Guardian Group. In just three hours, they gathered 41 bags of garbage and 4 bags of recyclables.

The ASEZ WAO Blue Ocean Campaign is a global initiative that encourages young adult workers to conduct cleanups at beaches, rivers, and streams to protect the marine environment. Over 5,900 people actively participate in this mission in 12 countries. Since the initiative began, volunteers have collected approximately 55,800 pounds of garbage..

Community Appreciation and Hope for Change

Everyone who took part in the beach clean-up agreed that it was a meaningful and eye-opening experience. Mr. Ian Chinapoo said to the volunteers, “Be the change you want to be,” which encouraged all the volunteers to continue making positive changes in their neighborhoods. Dr. Juman expressed, “This world is your future, so it’s so nice to see so many young people involved in this activity. Continue to be engaged and be part of the solution!” Without any hesitation, they expressed their excitement to continue collaborating with ASEZ WAO in future events.

All the hard work put into the cleanup made the beach in Chaguaramas beautiful, bringing joy to the locals. Many people in the community saw the volunteers working hard and said, “We need more things like this!” Their neighbors were truly appreciative of the volunteers’ dedication and diligence in cleaning up their local beaches.

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