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ASEZ Volunteers Certified for Disaster Prevention in the Dominican Republic

On November 19, 2023, ASEZ volunteers in the Dominican Republic organized a Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) training. The National School of Risk Management granted the certification. Also, technicians from the Civil Defense conducted the training. A total of 500 volunteers were certified in disaster prevention safety techniques.

As part of this accomplishment, ASEZ members and the Church of God received a certificate of recognition from the Director of Civil Defense, Juan Salas. He stated, “We applaud this initiative where more than 1,000 young people gather today to learn about risk management. At the same time, we encourage society and youth to get involved in this topic. The world is increasingly at risk of greater threats. The situation facing humanity requires young people to get involved, not tomorrow or in the future, but today. For this reason, we congratulate the actions of the young people from the Church of God.”

Ready to Save a Life Anytime, Anywhere

The day before the event, heavy rains hit the city of Santo Domingo, causing multiple floods. As a result, this caused the country to declare a state of emergency. Volunteers feared that the activity would be canceled. However, ASEZ members witnessed a miracle, as the day of the event turned out to be clear and sunny. Moreover, this allowed 200 guests to safely join the 250 members and 20 Civil Defense instructors in training.

The flood from the previous day put an urgency in the volunteers’ hearts to prepare for future disasters. Miguelina Tactuk, director of the National School of Risk Management, expressed her thankfulness.

“Today is extremely important,” she said. “Especially after yesterday’s experience where the suffering of people affected by the floods was evident, there is no better example than the one these ASEZ youth members have set by emphasizing the need for citizens to be trained to assist victims in emergency situations.”

The volunteers received training in CPR techniques for adults and children, airway obstruction training, as well as hemorrhage and wound control. All the disaster prevention techniques provided them with the skills and competencies to help in life-threatening situations.

“I was very pleased to undergo this training. What impacted me the most was knowing that the difference between life and death can be determined by the reaction in just 3 minutes. Today, I feel confident that I am prepared to save the life of anyone in need,” said ASEZ volunteer Gabriela Medina.

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