World Mission Society Church of God donor giving blood during the 2018 Mega Blood Drive for the Passover

2018 Mega Blood Drive in Massachusetts

2018 Mega Blood Drive for the Passover in New England

On Sunday, April 15, 2018, the Church of God hosted its 2018 Mega Blood Drive in Massachusetts. While facilitating mass amounts of blood donations, it also raises awareness about the New Covenant Passover. In total, twelve different Church of God locations along the East Coast participated in the 2018 Mega Blood Drive for the Passover. Members from the New England area, including Vermont and New Hampshire, also joined the blood drive in Westborough, MA.

Typically, the Church of God holds blood drives every year, and this year marked the Westborough church’s third annual blood drive in Massachusetts. The Church of God partnered with the Massachusetts General Hospital to give the donations. Until now, the World Mission Society Church of God has organized more than 800 blood drives around the world.

A Blood Rushing Atmosphere

In preparation for the 2018 Mega Blood Drive, members printed and distributed flyers to post in local businesses and invite the community. On the big day, about 70 people arrived for the life-saving event. Everyone was in high spirits, ready to go through the screening process and ultimately donate blood.

While waiting for their turn to donate, guests watched videos about the church’s community service activities. Additionally, guests read through panels displaying the history and importance of the New Covenant Passover. The Passover is a Christian feast through which Jesus Christ gave His blood for mankind for the forgiveness of sins.

Excitement and happiness filled the room throughout the event. Nurses from the hospital commented on the turnout, saying the volunteers surpassed their goal of blood donations. By working in unity, the members even assisted in facilitating the nurses’ work and helped wherever possible.

The Final Outcome

Thanks to the donor’s participation, the hospital collected 48 pints of blood; enough to save 144 lives! Moreover, the drive’s success was only a fraction of the numerous successful drives along the East Coast. All in all, many patients will receive the life-saving blood they need as a result of the united effort.

The World Mission Society Church of God is known for its volunteer work in over 175 countries. It continues to make significant impacts on society everywhere a branch church is located. The members of the Church of God in Massachusetts were ecstatic to have participated in the 2018 Mega Blood Drive for the Passover. To learn more about future events at the Church of God in Massachusetts, please visit our contact page.

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