World Mission Society Church of God member leading Mommy and Me Dance Class

Dance! Dance! Dance!

There’s a special bond between a mother and her daughter. Little girls often resemble their mommies in more ways than just outer appearance. They often develop similar personalities, have the same taste in foods, sometimes even the same taste in music. But, in such a busy and fast-paced era, modern moms don’t always get the chance to spend time enjoying the things they have in common with their daughters. Even if it seems like a mother and daughter don’t have anything in common at all, there’s one thing that every girl loves to do – dance! Here at the Church of God, we wanted to find a way to bring a mother and her daughter together for a night of pure fun. We invited friends, family and neighbors to the Mommy and Me Dance Class.

On June 18, 2015 moms and their daughters headed to the dance floor at the World Mission Society Church of God. The evening began with a heartfelt “introduce-yourself” circle. Dancers gathered in a circle and said their name and what they loved most about their mom or their daughter. Age groups ranging from 3-6 years old and 6-11 years old, all expressed how much they loved their moms saying things like, “She always helps me when I have hard times,” and, “I love how much she loves me!” Of course, moms boasted about their daughters too. “My oldest is super helpful and super responsible and my youngest has such a beautiful smile,” said Mayra, a loving mother of three children.

The DJ turned up the music while two instructors, playfully dressed as ballerinas, led the dancers in fun choreography to family-friendly versions of today’s pop hits. Their smiles and laughter quickly became the common bond between all of the mommy-daughter dancers. After dancing the night away, everyone enjoyed delicious refreshments and snacks. Healthy foods like strawberry-melon kabobs, yogurt parfaits, and veggie cups were served along with bottled water, fresh orange juice and more. To commemorate the special night, moms and daughters took home photo souvenirs of themselves posing together in cute and unique costume pieces.

Whether they have daughters or sons, mothers hold their children as the most precious treasure of their lives. The Mommy and Me Dance Class was a way to bring our families together and share the love of Mother who smiles whenever her children are smiling.

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