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Church of God Ping Pong Tournament 2015

The World Mission Society Church of God hosted its first-ever table tennis tournament on Father’s Day, June 21, 2015. Players represented various nations including Taiwan, Japan, South Korea, Jamaica, Haiti, Nigeria, Mexico, Italy, Dominican Republic and the United States.

Who needs the World Cup when you can watch competitive table tennis at its finest?

Table tennis, or ping pong, originated in England in the 1880′s among aristocratic gentlemen. It was a game played after dinner, simulating outdoor tennis using a line of books as the net, cigar box lids as paddles, and a rounded-off bottle cork as a ball. The pastime has evolved over the decades into what we know as ping pong today.

Similarly, many members of the Church of God in New Windsor, NY routinely enjoy a game of ping pong after sharing meals together. Wanting to share this same pastime with family and friends, the members decided to host the ping pong tournament. And what better day than Father’s Day? Even members from the Church of God in Bogota, NJ joined in.

Three tables were set up with score-keepers stationed at each table. The games began and the game-faces came out. With quick taps and power hits, the players focused hard as they drove the ball back and forth over the net. The players gave the game their all to see who would become the World Mission Society Church of God Ping Pong Champion.

The friendly competition was paired with delicious snacks and cool refreshments. Behind the scenes, members served up sweet and savory appetizers like mini-pancake stacks with Nutella and corn dog mini-muffins along with iced coffee and refreshing sweet tea.

The competition was fierce but there could only be one champion.

One member from New Windsor took home the first place mini-trophy while a member from Bogota won the second place title. The prizes included candies and ping pong supplies, including paddles, balls and other goodies. The big winners exemplified true sportsmanship by sharing their rewards with others. All participants were winners for having fun altogether like a big family.

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