Group photo of World Mission Society Church of God members laughing during the Rally to Be Like Isaac

Rally to Be Like Isaac

On Sunday, July 5, branch churches of the World Mission Society Church of God came together in New Windsor, New York for “Let’s Be Like Isaac” – a unity rally for the members of the East Coast branch churches. Through this rally, members made a resolution to expand the Church of God to more locations on the East Coast.

The day began with a Bible education titled, “Be Joyful Always.” The education focused on the children of God who have received the promise of eternal life. The Bible compares the children of God to Isaac. Biblically, at his birth, Isaac brought joy to his mother, Sarah, because she had been unable to have children and was well advanced in age.

After the education, approximately 800 members headed out towards the field for the second part of the rally – outdoor unity games. Three-legged races, piggyback relays, tug of war matches, and a running-rowing obstacle course brought the players together to have one mind and heart. Perhaps the most memorable game was the sheep race, which required players to dash away on all fours blindfolded, while being led solely by the voices of their “shepherds” who were limited to saying either “go” or “come.”

The day ended with a BBQ-style dinner and a fireworks show. Since it was only a day after Independence Day, the members of the Church of God on the East Coast felt motivated and passionate to carry out the movement of expanding the Church of God to even more locations.

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