World Mission Society Church of God and guests laughing during Father's Day Appreciation Event 2015 in Hudson, NH

Father’s Day Appreciation Event

The members of the Church of God in New Hampshire commemorated their fathers and grandfathers through a Father’s Day appreciation event. On June 21, 2015, the church was filled with family members, excited to spend a special day together. Through the event, they acknowledged and thanked their dads for all of their love and sacrifice.

The evening opened with a touching video that displayed many of the difficulties fathers go through and the sacrifices they make while raising their children. Next, another short video played, which church members had put together in recognition of their fathers’ efforts. The film expressed members’ heartfelt thanks and love for their dads and grandfathers. Many of the viewers shed tears while reminiscing on the dedication of their fathers and the hardships they had to overcome while leading their children to live upright lives.

Sons and daughters also entertained the audience with performances, including musical numbers and choreographed dances. Even little children prepared a special performance for their fathers. The dads were proud and happy to see their kids perform at the event.

Families also took pictures together in a photo booth. Members printed the photos so the families could have a souvenir to remember the special time they shared.

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