Two ASEZ volunteers from the World Mission Society Church of God carrying a bag of soil during Tree Stewardship at Brooklyn College

ASEZ Tree Stewardship at Brooklyn College

Students Volunteers Organize a Tree Stewardship at Brooklyn College

On February 24, 2019, nearly 40 ASEZ (Save the Earth from A to Z) volunteers carried out a tree stewardship at Brooklyn College. The volunteers went to the City University of New York to cultivate the soil of young trees around the campus. ASEZ collaborated with Trees New York and the New York City Department of Sanitation to coordinate how to properly prepare the city’s London plane trees for the spring. To ensure healthy growth of the trees, the volunteers broke in the soil around the trees for water and air to easily go to the roots.

The 40 volunteers divided themselves into two groups, one group worked on tree stewardship, and the other focused on picking up trash. The volunteers started from East 26th Street and ended on Campus Road.

Fulfulling the United Nations’ SDGs

Additionally, this tree stewardship fell in line with ASEZ’s “Reduce Crime Together” initiative with the goal of beautifying their community to lower the crime rate. Through this activity, ASEZ is taking part in fulfilling the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) #15 and #16.

The UN describes SDG #15 as “Life On Land” and it can be fulfilled through actions that protect the environment. Meanwhile, SDG #16 is “Peace, Justice, and Strong Institution,” which can be fulfilled through reducing crimes by various methods.

Reactions and Results from a United Effort

“I work for the Ecology Department on campus but we never actually did that—as in hands on work,” Syed, the treasurer of ASEZ at Brooklyn College said. “We are actually helping trees to grow and it feels awesome.”

“Locals are very shocked to see us clean,” said Tytiana, a Church of God member who joined the activity. “I feel happy! Small things make a difference. I’m really thankful that I know about this organization and that I can be part of it.”

By the end of the tree stewardship, the volunteers prepared well over 20 trees for the spring. Moreover, the volunteers removed 35 bags of trash from the streets near the campus.

“You guys were super helpful—we did the example and everyone went right to it,” said Ashleigh, a manager at Trees New York. “Everyone was super excited and it’s refreshing. Usually people just do it and leave, but everyone is asking questions and doing a great job.”

ASEZ student volunteers are passionate about their mission. For this reason, they treat their own campuses and communities as they would their own homes. Contact us to learn more about ASEZ and how you can get involved in improving your community.

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