Church of God's First University Student Summer Camp

Church of God Hosts the First University Student Summer Camp

The World Mission Society Church of God held the first university student summer camp. Around 90 ASEZ students gathered at the Church of God in New Windsor from Washington D.C., Massachusetts, New York, Kentucky, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Maryland, Dominican Republic, and Puerto Rico. The students were divided into nine groups and each had a camp counselor. They kicked off the camp on June 27 with orientation.

Student Summer Camp Activities

During the camp, students participated in Bible educations throughout the week. They had a bonfire and took time to write down their resolutions for the next semester. In addition, in the middle of the week, the students had a field day. They had a balloon toss, races, kickball, dodgeball, and soccer. They even put together a talent show to display their talents.

Throughout the week, they also got to see how the campus mission began. In 2014, Church of God members in South Korea started campus missions. They started Bible study clubs on their campuses and invited their peers to join them. Because of their growth, they made a goal to establish 20,000 clubs on campuses around the world. Now, students on the East Coast received inspiration to make this dream a reality. Also, it helped them create new goals for the upcoming semester.

Closing Award Ceremony with Fireworks

The last day of the week-long summer camp was the fourth of July. The camp concluded with an awards ceremony and fireworks as a celebration. In the end, students walked away revived and with a new mindset to start the semester in August. Their aim is to establish ASEZ on campuses in their community and encourage their peers to join. University students are the leaders of the future. By making effort to improve their community, they can create a better environment for other generations.

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