ASEZ volunteers group photo during their Herring Run Park cleanup in Baltimore, MD.

ASEZ Cleanup at Herring Run Park in Baltimore, MD

Volunteers from Five Maryland Universities Clean Herring Run Park

On Sunday, April 28, ASEZ—World Mission Society Church of God university student volunteers—joined in a cleanup at Herring Run Park in Baltimore. The students from five different universities in Maryland joined forces to clean the Baltimore park, which is a cherished green space in the center of the city.

Herring Run Park is 375 acres of forestland, known for the Herring Run Stream that courses through it. Its hiking trails, picnic and play areas serve as a natural getaway for the residents of not only Baltimore, but neighboring areas as well.

Following Heavenly Mother’s example of love and concern for mankind, the ASEZ university students in Maryland decided to give this community staple a little sprucing up. Moreover, the cleanup fell in line with their initiative to create a cleaner and more inviting atmosphere for their neighbors. Ultimately, they would like to encourage happiness and unity within the community.

ASEZ volunteers planning out their cleanup at Herring Run Park.
ASEZ volunteers making hearts with their hands as they clean up Herring Run Park with love.

Creating a Cleaner and Safer Baltimore

A total of 45 ASEZ student volunteer met in Baltimore to carry out the cleanup as part of their “Reduce Crime Together” campaign. “Reduce Crime Together” or “RCT” is a worldwide movement based on studies showing the correlation between visible signs of urban decay and neighborhood crime. Consequently, research suggests that one way to reduce crime is to eliminate signs of disorder within the community.

With the goal of creating a safer environment, the volunteers eagerly removed litter and debris from various areas in the park, including the playground, the trail, the football field, and the stream. Additionally, several volunteers clipped away invasive vines from the trees and the edges of the trail. Throughout the entire cleanup, the volunteers worked together as one, despite being from different universities.

Volunteers from ASEZ joyfully cleaning up Herring Run Park.

Many passersby walking along the trail noticed the volunteers working enthusiastically and thanked them. One community member who frequently walks the park even joined the cleanup. Afterwards, he complimented the volunteers, saying, “I could not have had a better day. The young people were energetic, they were thoughtful, they worked in teams. They did an amazing job.”

In less than three hours the volunteers gathered a total of 25 bags of unsightly and even dangerous waste. They left the park not only cleaner but also safer for residents.

Parks and Recreation official speaking on the good deeds of ASEZ student volunteers after the Herring Run Park cleanup.
ASEZ volunteers picking up trash from Herring Run Park in Baltimore, MD.

Towards a Happier Maryland, One Cleanup at a Time

After the cleanup, Fran Spero, Director of Partnerships at Baltimore City Recreation and Parks, commended the volunteers. “They are magnificent. I mean, I work with a lot of groups through the volunteer office and I have to say these young people that were here today, they showed such excitement, enthusiasm; they were hard-working, [and] they worked as a team,” said Spero. “It was just such a pleasure to work with this group.”

Fran Spero, Director of Partnerships at Baltimore City Recreation and Parks, complimenting ASEZ for their efforts in cleaning up Herring Run Park.
Fran Spero, Director of Partnerships of Baltimore’s Recreation and Parks Department, praising ASEZ for their efforts.

Immediately after the cleanup, children played on the newly cleaned playground. The ASEZ volunteers were overwhelmed with happiness seeing the children and families enjoy the park. Their determination to share Heavenly Mother’s love by cultivating a safer and happier Maryland will continue—one cleanup at a time. Please feel free to contact us to learn about our future cleanups and other activities.

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