ASEZ student volunteers removing graffiti at the Cranberry Lake Preserve

Graffiti Removal by ASEZ at the Cranberry Lake Preserve

ASEZ Spruces Up the Cranberry Lake Preserve in Time For Summer

On Friday, May 24, 2019, about 30 ASEZ volunteers removed graffiti from Cranberry Lake Preserve in North White Plains, NY. The Cranberry Lake Preserve is a 190-acre natural space, famous for its History Trail and Nature Center. It is a popular location for families, especially in the summertime. For example, the Nature Program allows visitors to learn more about nature—from forest exploration to basic botany. Moreover, families are also able to spend time observing animals in their natural habitats. For this reason, ASEZ decided to give the park a deep cleaning to maintain its natural beauty.

Volunteers from ASEZ removing graffiti at the Cranberry Lake Preserve
Volunteers from ASEZ removing graffiti at the Cranberry Lake Preserve

Considering how important this reserve is to the residents of Westchester County, ASEZ volunteers in White Plains and neighboring regions joined together to beautify the area by removing graffiti and debris. Additionally, the members spread awareness about the “Reduce Crime Together” campaign. The campaign is a global movement that aims to cultivate peace and safety by eliminating visible signs of disorder. Through the campaign, ASEZ members show the difference clean and orderly shared spaces can make through community cleanups.

Making a Difference at the Local Level to Cultivate Peace

The volunteers worked with the Westchester Parks Foundation to carry out the cleanup. Furthermore, students from Manhattanville College, Westchester Community College and Baruch College attended the volunteer service. Together, they tackled the most tarnished areas of the reserve. The beautiful scenery motivated the volunteers to work even harder. They were not only able to remove the graffiti, but also surrounding litter and debris.

ASEZ volunteer happily removing graffiti at the Cranberry Lake Preserve

All of the volunteers expressed how happy they were to participate in the event. They expressed that although the work of scrubbing away graffiti was not easy, it was completely worth it in the end.

ASEZ volunteers are not only students; they are proud members of their community. They hope that the revitalized space will bring joy and comfort to their neighbors. Furthermore, they hope their work will further encourage everyone to keep the preserve clean. Ultimately, the volunteers’ inspiration is the selfless love and consideration of God the Mother. ASEZ believes that sharing motherly love is the way to make lasting changes for a more peaceful world. Contact us to learn more about volunteering with ASEZ and how to help your community.

10 thoughts on “Graffiti Removal by ASEZ at the Cranberry Lake Preserve”

  1. I am so happy to hear that not only volunteers have joined this event but also members of the community! With a united effort we can change the world following our Mother’s example. Thank you for sharing and I hope to join the next one !

  2. Michael Schardinger

    Wow, what a sad thing that people travel to a remote
    family area with spray paint and a clear purpose to desecrate natural beauty. Thanks so much for keeping God’s creation clean and fixing the issue of grafitii at Cranberry Lake. You look so happy and ujited while doing it too! ASEZ is definitely a unique club that all campuses around the world should 100% support. Thanks for all you do ASEZ!

  3. That’s so beautiful, this article make me feel with peace and happiness, definitely they worked with the mind of a Mother’s love

  4. This is so commendable; where people usually turn a blind eye to graffiti and feel it isn’t their responsibility the Youth of ASEZ take first hand action to help the earth and humanity.

  5. How beautiful and considerate to take time out of your busy life to do this for the community. So encouraging and heartfelt to know there are people who consider others and their community more than themselves.

  6. Tia Chantal austin-edwards

    It’s so amazing that young adults have the heart to change their community through cleans up. You guys are angels sent from God, thank you so much.

  7. Wow ! I know the job wasn’t easy but it’s so wonderful to have people who are dedicated and care enough to clean up the earth!!! So beautiful!

  8. Wow , while reading this I feel so moved by the efforts of these university students . Usually areas like this are neglected , but through this campaign, to reduce crime by removing signs of visible crime, I can understand what a big difference this will make in the long run. Good job ASEZ !

  9. ASEZ is setting such a great example all along the East Coast and throughout the entire world. It’s amazing to see everyone working together to protect our environment and restore its beauty to its natural state. By doing so, we can all live more happily and peacefully in our communities.

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