New Windsor


Located along the Hudson Valley, New Windsor offers the best of both worlds. It’s close enough to New York City, yet offers the serene environment of the suburbs and even rural farm area.

The Church of God in New Windsor is located right in the heart of New Windsor. It serves as a gathering point for members from all throughout the United States. Each year, the Church hosts festivals and seminars for the community Hudson Valley and Orange County community as well as forums and educations for Church members striving to learn the teachings of God in the BIble.

Interested in visiting the Church of God in New Windsor? Send us a note.

Group photo of World Mission Society Church of God members laughing during the Rally to Be Like Isaac

Rally to Be Like Isaac

Members participated in the “Let’s Be Like Isaac” unity rally at a recreational field in New Windsor, NY with games for all. Biblically, Isaac represents the children of God full of joy and laughter.

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