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“Mother’s Street” Hempstead Lake State Park Cleanup

ASEZ Holds Hempstead Lake State Park Cleanup

“Save the Earth from A to Z!” shouted the university student volunteers during the Hempstead Lake State Park cleanup. On December 16—a brisk and rainy Sunday morning—there was no rain check for the ASEZ volunteers. With excitement, enthusiasm and the love of Heavenly Mother, ASEZ and Church of God members from New York City and Long Island went to Hempstead Lake State Park. This event was all part of the worldwide “Mother’s Street” cleanup campaign.

Long Island’s Hempstead Lake State Park has beautiful scenery. However, the state park is surrounded by a highly industrial area, which is the source of much of the litter that makes its way through a creek into the lake. As a result, the park’s scenery is deteriorating. Furthermore, the ongoing accumulation of trash and pollution in the lake is having a negative effect of the park’s environment.

Additionally, statistics show that Hempstead has an above average crime rate. Sociological studies have proven that there is a definite correlation between crime and deteriorating environments. That’s why, as part of the “Reduce Crime Together” movement for human happiness, ASEZ volunteers gathered to clean the northeast pond. About 120 volunteers picked up trash, plastic bottles, and debris for about two hours. As a result, they collected 132 bags of trash, weighing about 15 gallons each.

ASEZ Volunteer Testimonials

“I’m so glad I was able to participate in this cleanup,” said Miriam, an ASEZ member from SUNY Old Westbury. “Despite the weather conditions, I had a great time working in unity with everyone who joined today. This cleanup can make a difference in the crime rates in this area and the whole world.”

Kormassa, an ASEZ member’s acquaintance who joined the cleanup, exclaimed “ASEZ members are amazing! I had a lot of fun today, and knowing the purpose of this cleanup is a part of something bigger is great! Even though there was a lot of litter, all the volunteers worked in unity for a great turnout.”

ASEZ members hope that through this cleanup, neighbors can be positively influenced to keep the streets of Hempstead and nearby towns clean. Moreover, they hope that more acts like this will not only create a cleaner environment but also lead to a safer community for residents.

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  1. Wow the before and after is incredible. ASEZ will comfort and embrace the world especially inner cities that may at times neglect the environment. The care of our environment is actually indispensable to our moods and emotions toward one another. Let’s SAVE the Earth ASEZ! Way to go!

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