Group photo of ASEZ volunteers from the World Mission Society Church of God after Mothers Street cleanup at the University of Puerto Rico

“Mother’s Street” Cleanup at the University of Puerto Rico, Rio Piedras Campus

ASEZ Student Volunteer Cleanup at the University of Puerto Rico

On a cloudy morning, ASEZ volunteers from Aguadilla, Puerto Rico carried out a “Mother’s Street” cleanup at the University of Puerto Rico, Rio Piedras Campus (UPR-RP). Like several other locations, the university suffered greatly due to Hurricane Maria. In the aftermath, the campus was replete with garbage and debris, as well as abandoned buildings. For this reason, ASEZ—the World Mission Society Church of God’s university student volunteer group—decided to take action. On November 4, the students went out to create an orderly and clean environment for students to enjoy. This cleanup also fell in line with ASEZ’s “Reduce Crime Together” initiative.

In total, 68 volunteers participated, including university students from ASEZ and members of the Church of God. The volunteers divided into different teams to tackle various areas such as the main entrance, secondary entrance, architectural area and garden.

Teamwork Gets the Job Done

The volunteers working on the main and secondary entrances were in charge of cutting and picking up the overgrown grass. In the architectural area, a group of volunteers prepared the newly planted trees to protect them from the wind and help them grow up straight. Another group of members collected garbage and cleared weeds from the garden.

In unity, each volunteer concentrated on his or her mission and carried it out faithfully until the end. Furthermore, despite some rain, the members did not stop working.

After working for three hours, the volunteers collected 57 bags totaling 2,280 pounds of garbage, debris and weeds. Moreover, the students believe that such an astounding result could only be achieved by following the example of Heavenly Mother. Puerto Rico ASEZ members will continue to carry out volunteer services to help both the local and global community, and foster hope for a better tomorrow. Feel free to contact us to learn how you can help.

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