Group photo of ASEZ volunteers from UAlbany and other colleges during their Madison Park cleanup.

Madison Park Cleanup by ASEZ UAlbany

ASEZ Students Clean Up Their Neighborhood

On March 31, ASEZ student volunteers concluded the month by cleaning Madison Park in Albany and the streets surrounding the area. The volunteers, from SUNY Albany and The Sage Colleges of Albany, arrived at 10 a.m. and began to prepare for the day. Moreover, ASEZ set up registration and information tents, providing an opportunity for students passing by to join the cleanup.

Upon visiting the tents, passers-by could learn about the history of ASEZ, the awards received, and their current initiatives. Furthermore, the volunteers explained how the Madison Park cleanup is part of a global movement—“Reduce Crime Together”—occurring in 175 countries. This also falls in line with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) for creating safer and happier communities worldwide.

ASEZ volunteers in Albany explained their initiatives during their cleanup at Madison Park.

Overcoming the Obstacles

Though ASEZ expected a good turnout of volunteers, which there was, an unexpected element nevertheless caught them by surprise—the weather! The week leading up to the Madison Park cleanup consisted of pleasant temperatures in the 60s and even up to 70 degrees. However, this all changed as the temperature dropped all the way down to the mid-30s. With rain added to the mix, it made for a very cold and wet cleanup.

Nonetheless, despite the unfavorable weather conditions, about 80 students showed up, ready to take action. In fact, they worked in such joyful unison that additional people stopped by the tents to learn about the event. Through their combined efforts, from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m., they collected about 1,600 pounds of garbage. Despite the rain, they remained positive and upbeat with smiles to the end.

ASEZ volunteers found a broken television during their cleanup at Madison Park in Albany.

Positive Vibes from the Volunteers

“The fact that everyone is here and smiling despite the weather is really inspiring,” said Brenna Donzelli, a student from Russell Sage College.

“Not only do they clean, but they do the education portion,” said Adriana Carreno. “I think it’s a good thing to clean, but if you don’t educate people on what’s going on, you’ll never see a reduction in the garbage around our area, especially universities.”

“Before getting more involved with ASEZ, I have to admit I was completely unaware of the magnitude of the environmental crisis our earth is facing, and I’ve been inspired to join the movement to ‘Save the Earth from A to Z,’” said Kelly Kia.

ASEZ volunteers huddled up together to stay warm after working hard to clean up their neighborhood.

The SAVE Movement in Action

Raising awareness is one of the four parts of ASEZ’s SAVE movement, which stands for Social Services, Awareness Raising, Victim Relief, and Environmental Protection. It can be difficult for one person alone to make a difference. However, ASEZ explains that when everyone comes together and works as one global family, the world becomes better. Their hope is to inspire such unity in their classmates and neighbors through the SAVE movement.

ASEZ proclaims the following motto: “We deliver the warmth of Mother’s love to the world.” Believing that only motherly love can unite the world, the volunteers concluded that the best results come when they volunteer with a mother’s mind. Want to know more about how the cleanup went? Watch ASEZ on CBS 6 News! Also, contact us to learn more about ASEZ and how to participate in our next volunteer service event.

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