Group photo of World Mission Society Church of God volunteers after Dodge Park cleanup in Boston

Dodge Park Cleanup

On the morning of May 23, volunteers from the World Mission Society Church of God in Boston and Springfield united at Dodge Park in Worcester, MA with a clear goal in mind. It’s the time of year when all of nature awakes and shines with vibrant colors. Hence, the volunteers found it timely to restore Dodge Park to its original state by beautifying the area. As a result, they were able to revive the park from its long winter slumber.

The volunteers partnered with Worcester Tree Initiative, the organization tasked with caring for the 13-acre park, to make the cleanup happen. The director, Ruth Seward, was on site for the event. Furthermore, she couldn’t help but be ecstatic, seeing each of the 22 volunteers eagerly grab a shovel, lopper, rake, garbage bag or wheelbarrow, and get to work.

As Dodge Park is home to every type of tree known to exist in the city of Worcester, caring for it is a difficult, yet important task. Additionally, after a period of neglect, weeds had sprouted, pathways were covered and tree rings had become dry. Besides, carelessly thrown garbage had piled up all over the park. Nonetheless, with tools in hand and bright smiles, the volunteers passionately restored the park to its natural beauty.

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Each member took on a specific task. Volunteers either pulled up weeds, dropped off mulch in a wheelbarrow, spread the mulch smoothly over dry areas, or picked up litter. For three hours, the volunteers put forth their best efforts. Nevertheless, because of their fervent desire to follow the example of Heavenly Mother, they finished every task.

By the end of the cleanup, the park rejuvenated with new life. Ruth gave thanks, commenting on how beautifully the volunteers worked.

“My most innovative volunteer group to date! A lot of really great work got done here and I really appreciate it,” Ruth declared with a smile.

The volunteers believe that through this volunteer initiative, neighbors will be able to feel Heavenly Mother’s warm heart. Moreover, the Church of God looks forward to bringing more of Mother’s love to the area through future events. To learn more about volunteering with the Church of God, please contact us.

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    It’s so encouraging to see all the beautiful smiles of the Church of God members who came to restore Dodge Park! I love how they took the time and energy to work together to make it a beautiful place so other can enjoy it. They really consider their neighbors and community. Great Job everyone! 🙂

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