Group shot of ASEZ WAO volunteers with Mayor Thomas Lankey and Kathleen Carlucci

ASEZ WAO Edison State Park Cleanup

ASEZ WAO Takes on Beautification Project in Edison, NJ

On Sunday, June 30, ASEZ WAO volunteers from the World Mission Society Church of God carried out a Edison State Park cleanup. The Thomas Edison Center is the apex of a 36-acre park, which is at the center of a metropolitan area. Furthermore, a hidden treasure with great historical value not too far from Metro Park Station. The location is vital to Thomas Edison’s creation of the very first light bulb. Thomas Edison would walk through the park whenever he took time off from work to clear his mind.

In the past year, people from more than 56 countries have visited the museum and park to experience its history and stunning scenery. Moreover, it’s a great place to spend leisure time on the weekends. Unfortunately, however, the park has been subjected to invasive weeds and erosion of the walking trails. As a result, it was in need of support to restore and maintain its grounds.

ASEZ WAO volunteers happily beautifying the Thomas Edison Center in New Jersey

Promoting a Peaceful, Safe and Sustainable Future  

Last November, 30 ASEZ university student volunteers from the World Mission Society Church of God carried out a “Reduce Crime Together” campaign cleanup at Edison State Park. The cleanup was part of the students’ effort to promote peace and safety in the community. Thomas Edison Center’s director, Kathleen Carlucci, being moved by their deeds, welcomed Church of God volunteers to come back for a second cleanup. She also attended ASEZ’s Future Leaders Forum as a speaker earlier this year.

ASEZ WAO volunteers were ready to jump all over the opportunity to clean up Edison State Park. Additionally, through the cleanup they hoped to spread awareness about the effects of climate change to their neighbors and coworkers. ASEZ WAO (Save the Earth from A to Z – We Are One), is the young working professionals volunteer group of the Church of God.

ASEZ WAO members putting down mulch at the Thomas Edison Center
A volunteer of ASEZ WAO transporting mulch

ASEZ WAO volunteers recently kicked off their Take Action Project (TAP). Their goal is to “tap” into the awareness of their colleagues by carrying out activities that inform the community about pressing issues, like climate change and plastic pollution. Furthermore, they also explain what actions everyone can take to protect and save the earth.

Working Together to Preserve the Environment

About 50 volunteers arrived at 9 a.m. on Sunday to start cleaning the grounds. In addition to the gloves, rakes, and wheelbarrows supplied by the center, the members bought their own clippers. They removed weeds forming in the garden beds and along the walking trails. Then, after beautifying the main grounds, the volunteers made their way to the three-quarter path to restore it by spreading mulch. The volunteers continuously encouraged each other, lightening each other’s hearts despite the exhausting heat.  Towards the end of the cleanup, Mayor Thomas Lankey of Edison Township came to applaud the work and efforts of the ASEZ WAO volunteers.

“Although I could not be present during the entire volunteer project, seeing the work that has been done and the smiles of you volunteers, I know that this was a successful volunteer project,” said Mayor Lankey.

At the conclusion of the cleanup, Director Kathleen Carlucci and other park faculty members expressed their gratitude towards the ASEZ WAO volunteers. The volunteers, only had the mind to share Heavenly Mother’s love with their community. As a result, they witnessed a revival and transformation of the park. Contact us to learn about future activities for creating a more sustainable environment. Watch ASEZ WAO on FIOS 1 News cleaning up the Thomas Edison Center.

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