Albany is home to the Capitol District of the State of New York. Members of the Church of God in Albany range in age and background. Many are students from the local universities including SUNY Albany, the College of St. Rose, Russell Sage College, among others.
The university students at the Church of God in Albany are passionate and committed to giving back to their communities. They host many environmental cleanups and organize activities through ASEZ.
For instance, on May 6, 2019, ASEZ students organized a campaign at the New York State Capitol to raise awareness about ASEZ.
They met many State officials and introduced them all to ASEZ and the work ASEZ is doing across the world.
Assemblyman Chris Tague introduced the ASEZ volunteers before the New York State Assembly.
Afterwards, Senator Monica Martinez introduced the volunteers at the New York State Senate Session. In her introduction, she said that ASEZ has “concluded that when we all work together against hate and crime, we will have great communities.”
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ASEZ volunteers with Speaker of the New York State Assembly, Carl E. Heastie

ASEZ New York State Capitol Visit

ASEZ volunteers spent the day at the New York State Capitol, speaking with senators and assembly members about their volunteer activities. ASEZ was also formally introduced during the NYS Senate and Assembly sessions.

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