ASEZ volunteers taking a group photo after the graffiti removal

ASEZ Graffiti and Litter Removal Near MetroWest School in Orlando, FL

Florida Students Unite to Create a Safer Orlando

On July 8, 2019, ASEZ’s Reduce Crime Together movement made its impact once again by ridding a local Orlando, Florida community of graffiti and debris. Motivated by the broken windows theory and their worldwide movement to reduce crime together, about 24 students from four universities in the Orlando area joined forces with Keep Orlando Beautiful and the Orlando Police Department to take action for a safer, cleaner environment.

The ASEZ volunteers—from the University of Central Florida, Full Sail University, Rollins College and Valencia College—gathered early in the morning at Eagle’s Nest Elementary School in the MetroWest neighborhood to address vandalism within walking distance of the children’s school. The school’s administration was aware of the graffiti issue and gave them permission to organize a cleanup on their premises. They believed that the volunteer service would create a safer neighborhood for their students, who range from ages 5 to 12 years old.

As the volunteers walked from the elementary school to the graffiti removal site, City Police Chief Orlando Rolón and Sean Hipps from Keep Orlando Beautiful, who sponsored the event, greeted them. Furthermore, Chief Rolón was amazed by the college students using their summer vacation to help the community. And he made it his top priority to encourage them by kicking off the event.

“I saw firsthand the great work they all did in keeping our city beautiful!” read the Chief’s social media report. He later posted the message alongside pictures of the ASEZ students in action. 

Making Every Effort to Promote Safety

ASEZ volunteers painting over graffiti
ASEZ volunteers removing graffiti from wall in Orlando.

Keep Orlando Beautiful is a nonprofit organization that is managed by the City’s Public Works Department. It devotes itself to environmental protection. The ASEZ students partnered with them to help them identify pressing needs in the community.

The chosen site, a 70-yard wall lining the outer side of a canal overpass, was completely tagged with graffiti. As the graffiti built up over the years, it attracted other criminal activity and lent itself to persistent littering. According to Keep Orlando Beautiful’s Sean Hipps, the litter in that area is at a high risk of getting into the canal. This, in turn, drains into natural lakes and eventually enters Florida’s Everglades. The ASEZ students wanted to make every effort to reduce the visible signs of crime. Therefore, they did not only remove graffiti but also picked up litter. Seeing this, Hipps was appreciative and encouraged the ASEZ volunteers.

“These [24] passionate and enthusiastic volunteers not only covered the graffiti tags with fresh paint in under two hours but also … focus their efforts toward litter … collecting 260 lbs. of debris and litter!” said Hipps on the Keep Orlando Beautiful’s official social media page.

Save the Earth from A to Z—With Love

ASEZ student volunteers in more than 175 countries eagerly serve their neighbors through the SAVE Movement. Above all, their hope and goal is to cultivate a happy, safe and peaceful future for all seven billion people. And their drive is the love of Mother. By channeling Mother’s love in all their activities, they inspire everyone to unite and join the efforts to promote peace.

“We want to show this love to the world so that people can be inspired,” said ASEZ spokesperson, Spencer Judd. “We really believe that by doing this, it will make this area a better place for people and families.”

8 thoughts on “ASEZ Graffiti and Litter Removal Near MetroWest School in Orlando, FL”

  1. Its surprising these environment draws crimes!
    It make sense though.
    Then these voluntary service accomplish several things for community. Great job!

  2. ASEZ is doing fantastic work all over the world! It’s amazing how ASEZ gathers university students out of there busy schedules so that they can help make the world a clean and better place.

  3. Graffiti can make an area look very nasty and to leave it up gives people the idea crime is ok.
    Thank you for dedicating your time to clean it up and create a beautiful society for us to live in!

  4. Great people making a difference you can see the joy and the happiness they have on their faces , their help to save the earth and make it a better place.

  5. So proud of the work being carried out through ASEZ and it’s really inspiring to the community to help keep it clean and beautiful!

  6. Americo Imperatore

    Way to go ASEZ in Orlando!
    I believe the deed truly brightend up the area and is leaving a much more positive vibe in the area.:-)

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