Group photo of World Mission Society Church of God volunteers after Worldwide Environmental Cleanup Movement for Passover 2014

Worldwide Environmental Cleanup Movement for Passover 2014

Every year, the World Mission Society Church of God holds the Worldwide Environmental Cleanup Movement for the Passover. It’s one day, one time, when Churches in more than 175 countries carry out cleanups in their local regions, all in preparation for the Passover Feast of God.

Once again, Church of God members coming from all boroughs in New York City headed to Jamaica Bay and the Broad Channel area. Though the morning held a bitter cold chill, dense white fog and signs of rain, more than 200 volunteers united to clean up the marshland that is still littered with debris left from Hurricane Sandy.

“Hey, Hey Jamaica Bay! We’re cleaning up the world today!”

Passers-by and neighbors waved and honked their horns in approval as members picked up candy wrappers, shoes, drift wood, misplaced planks, tires, fishing rods, bottles and more.

Don Riepe of the American Littoral Society was pleased to see the Bay being cleaned so that the natural habitat can grow and flourish in time for the warmer weather. Riepe was touched that despite the gloomy weather, the members came out with the same bright smiling faces and enthusiasm. As he has seen time and time again, Riepe witnessed the fearless volunteers haul out an abandoned 17-foot boat. He has come to know Church of God members for their willingness to carry out even the most daunting tasks as a result of their positive attitude and strong conviction in God’s help.

Volunteers of the Church of God passionately follow the example of Christ and carry out cleanups in order to restore the purity and natural beauty of the earth. As the garbage is removed and the water and oxygen flow again, the marshes of Jamaica Bay can host more wildlife and continue as a properly functioning ecosystem.

It takes only one bay, one park and one person to take the initial step to forming a worldwide movement. The Church of God knows that if everyone gives just a little, the world will be a cleaner and safer place to live in.

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