Donor giving blood during the Unity in the Community Blood Drive hosted by the World Mission Society Church of God

Unity in the Community Blood Drive

164th Worldwide Community Blood Drive to Give Life through the Love of the Passover

The day started out cloudy and gloomy—not a day for a community service blood drive event. However, just as the blood drive extravaganza began, the sun made its grand appearance and shone on the volunteers, donors and performers that were present at the Unity in the Community Blood Drive on Sunday, July 28, 2013 in Shrewsbury, NJ.

The World Mission Society Church of God partnered with Central Jersey Blood Center to host this community service event. To attract donors, members of the Church of God prepared live entertainment, games and food. More than 300 Church members from various branch churches throughout the tri-state area participated in order to encourage local donors and share the love of God.

“In the Church of God, we believe in following the example of Heavenly Mother and spreading the love of God through good deeds,” commented one Church donor and volunteer. “Because Christ came to give us eternal life through the Passover, we want to help save lives by donating our physical blood. Through this, we hope many come to understand the importance of the Passover.”

An event highlight included the Mayor of Shrewsbury, Donald W. Burden, thanking the Church of God for organizing this family-fun event. This blood drive marked the 164th worldwide blood drive held by the World Mission Society Church of God.

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