viewing art pieces during World Mission Society Church of God Mothers Love Art Exhibition

Mother’s Love Art Exhibition

“Mother = Life” was the theme of the Mother’s Love Art Exhibition in Manhattan. The World Mission Society Church of God organized the exhibit on February 23 with the recurring theme of a mother’s love through art.

As art is a beautiful human creation and mothers are the most beautiful creations of God, the members combined the two in order to share with others about the spiritual life-giver, God the Mother.

The art pieces came to life as Church of God members used their God-given talents to display the invisible love of Heavenly Mother, who is the inspiration behind the members’ deeds.

Through beautiful drawings, paintings, poems and mixed-media, Church of God members displayed that mothers are the main factors for life to exist on this earth. While enjoying the artistic value of each piece, visitors were also able to peak into the spiritual world that each artists tried to portray, realizing that the nurturing, dedicated and loving nature of mothers comes from Heavenly Mother.

Bible verses were displayed to go hand-in-hand with the artwork and to reveal the existence of God the Mother in the Bible. One visitor, in particular, was greatly moved when she found a piece of artwork that displayed her and her mom’s favorite Bible verse.

Videos also played in several rooms explaining about God the Mother through biblical verses.
In addition to the meaningful art pieces and the teachings of God, guests were welcomed with banquet-style hors d’oeuvres and refreshments as they learned more about the Church of God and its involvement in the community.

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