Words are More Powerful Than a Sword Seminar Hosted by ASEZ

Change Our Words, Change the World Webinar Hosted by ASEZ

On November 18, 2020, ASEZ at the University of Louisville held the virtual Change Our Words, Change the World webinar. The purpose of the webinar was to have a candid conversation centered on positive words to prevent verbal abuse.  

The United Nations established the International Day of Non-Violence. The purpose was to bring awareness to the impact of verbal abuse. So, in honor of this day, ASEZ created the Words are More Powerful Than a Sword campaign. The event brought the campus together to discuss ways to use positive words in daily life.  

Guest Speakers Share Their Insight on Positive Words

Staff members of the University of Louisville joined the event as guest speakers. Kathleen L. Sherif, PEACC program coordinator; Police Chief Gary Lewis, director of campus safety; and Professor Betty Little Levis shared their experiences.  

The discussion centered on the importance of using positive words to encourage others. Furthermore, the speakers pointed out that we should choose our words wisely in our daily lives. “Once a word comes out and once it’s said it can’t be taken back. That person might forgive you but that hurt is still there,” Professor Levis said.  

In addition, the speakers emphasized that the words spoken to us become our reality. “Often times people start to assimilate to the words that are being said to them. So if they’re being encouraged and promoted verbally then they will own that. But if they are being demeaned and belittled, they too will take on those characteristics,” Chief Gary Lewis said.  

According to Professor Levis, considering the way that we speak to one another is the way to cultivate unity. “We all have the same needs: we want to be loved and we want to belong. We’re all one. We’re all in this together and we all need to be united,” Professor Levis said.  

A Pledge to Positivity

In the end, the guest speakers and ASEZ members signed a support agreement for the Words Are More Powerful Than a Sword campaign. ASEZ volunteers aim to spread awareness of the huge impact our words have in our daily lives and to make a positive change in the world by changing the way we speak to others. To sign the support agreement, click here. Also, visit our Activities page to see more ASEZ events!

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