Where can I study about God the Mother in the Bible?

Q: Where can I study about God the Mother in the Bible? 

A: If you’re wondering where to learn about God the Mother through the Bible, you’re in the right place! The World Mission Society Church of God is the only church that believes in and preaches about God the Mother. The Church of God also hosts in-depth Bible studies about God the Mother so that people can understand about Her existence and Her importance for our salvation.

God can be a mystery, but it is God’s will for us to press on to know God (Hos 6:3). It is our duty to have the correct knowledge of God. And the only method God left for us to know God and God’s will is the Bible. Christ, Himself, confirmed this by saying, “These are the very scriptures that testify about me” (Jn 5:39). Join one of our Bible studies to learn more about the female image of God—God the Mother.

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