ASEZ WAO Heart to Heart Campaign

ASEZ WAO Volunteers Launch Heart to Heart Campaign for Essential Workers

First responders have been working non-stop since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. Studies have shown that they’ve become more vulnerable to stress-related conditions. Stress, anxiety, fatigue, and insomnia are a few things they’ve had to endure. So ASEZ WAO volunteers took the initiative to put together a small gesture for those serving their community during a crisis.

ASEZ WAO Launches its Heart to Heart Campaign  

Beginning in November 2020, ASEZ WAO volunteers launched the Heart to Heart campaign. Their purpose was to show their support to those working on the frontlines of the pandemic. So, volunteers put together care packages to deliver to hospital staff and first responders. They also visited police and fire stations.   

The care packages had hand-written notes, snacks, masks, hand sanitizers, and other essentials. Volunteers around the country delivered their support and appreciation to frontline staff.   

Heart to Heart Campaign Around the World   

ASEZ WAO volunteers held its campaign in different cities throughout the U.S., including: 

Volunteers around the world delivered care packages to essential workers in South Korea, India, Malaysia, Japan, and Brazil. To learn more about ASEZ WAO and its initiatives around the world, visit   


“I think it’s great to see how passionate you guys are and just putting together these care packages for guys at the department, it’s pretty special. We’re very appreciative of it all, and we can’t thank you guys enough.” – Sgt. Nick Mannix, Schenectady Police Department

“Floyd Memorial Foundation is honored to work with the World Mission Society Church of God to recognize and celebrate our courageous healthcare employees at Baptist Health Floyd.” – Meredith Lambe, Executive Director at Baptist Health Floyd Hospital in Louisville, KY 

“The workload and stressors on essential workers have been increasingly difficult this past year. Having our community deliver snacks and letters of love positively reinforces that our jobs are truly important and make a huge difference in our everyday lives! Thank you for the continued support.” – Robert Grossi, Registered Pharmacist 

“I think it’s inspiring to see young people like you guys all coming together taking the time out of your day to donate something to the nurses who are working hard. We know all the critical care nurses are definitely going to appreciate that you guys did this — that we definitely know for a fact.” – Joey Mendez, Patient Experience Coordinator at Hackensack Meridian Health Hospital in Hackensack, NY

“It definitely helps to know that we’re appreciated. It’s hard what we are doing, mentally and physically exhausting, and just to know people care about us and care about what we’re doing feels really good.” – Nurse at St. Vincent Hospital in Pittsburgh  

Click here to learn more about ASEZ WAO and its initiatives!

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ASEZ WAO volunteers in Washington D.C. deliver care packages to COVID-19 testing sites

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