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ASEZ Graffiti Removal and Cleanup Near Interamerican University of Puerto Rico

On Sunday, May 5, Plaza de Puerto Rico near the Interamerican University of Puerto Rico witnessed a remarkable transformation. ASEZ, in collaboration with the Municipality of San Juan, rallied around 40 volunteers for a significant cause.

ASEZ organized a graffiti removal and cleanup near the campus as part of their Reduce Crime Together campaign aimed at making the environment safer for students and residents. University students took swift action, arriving with brushes, rollers, paint, and cleaning supplies. Throughout the morning, they painted over the vandalized surfaces, bringing a sense of hope and renewal to the community.

The Impacts of Graffiti on a Community

During the event, Dennis Agosto, Director of Ornamentation; and Raúl García, Executive Director of Municipal Public Works visited the volunteers to express their gratitude. “With ASEZ’s movement in San Juan today, we foresee cleaner, more vibrant spaces,” remarked Dennis Agosto. Raúl García added, “We extend our heartfelt thanks on behalf of the Municipality of San Juan and Mayor Miguel Romero.” Their words underscored the importance of community upkeep, highlighting how such actions foster well-being and prosperity.

Research has shown that areas with high levels of graffiti often experience higher rates of other crimes, like theft vandalism and violent crime. By quickly addressing graffiti, communities can help prevent these crimes from occurring or escalating. By maintaining clean and graffiti-free environments, communities can improve residents’ overall wellbeing and sense of pride in their surroundings. By midday, Plaza Puerto Rico had shed its graffiti and gleamed anew. Located on Calle San Roberto, it emerged as a safe haven for local students and residents.

ASEZ’s Work to Reduce Crime

Reflecting on their impact, ASEZ volunteers emphasized the correlation between beautification and crime reduction. “Beautification efforts can decrease crime rates,” noted Veronica and Valeria, university members of ASEZ. With an eye on a brighter future, they resolved to continue their work with love and determination, striving to make the world a happier place.

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