Title: The Religion That Believes in God the Mother


The World Mission Society Church of God is a Christian nondenominational church known for its belief in God the Mother on the basis of the Bible.


Elohim God created mankind saying, “Let us make mankind in our image, in our likeness” (Ge 1:26). And male and female were created, representing God’s two images.


Christ, the founder of Christianity, also explained about God the Mother’s existence through parables and revelations He gave John (Rev 1:1), saying His bride, the Heavenly Jerusalem, would come “down out of heaven” in the last days (Rev 21:9).


Apostle Paul, one of the world’s most famous Christians, also wrote about God the Mother. Paul explained that we can understand God’s divine nature through creation (Ro 1:20). Since creation includes male and female, God must be male and female, too. Not only that, Paul explained that the Heavenly Jerusalem (the same Jerusalem John saw) is our Mother (Gal 4:26).


And the Bible concludes by explaining that salvation—eternal life—depends on us going to the Spirit and the Bride—God the Father and God the Mother (Rev 22:17).


Therefore, Christianity, according to Jesus’ teachings, is the religion that believes and teaches about God the Mother.


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