The Future Starts With You Appreciation Concert Hosted by ASEZ

The Future Starts With You ASEZ Concert

ASEZ Cheer Up Campaign It’s been two years since the pandemic started. The lives of people around the world changed in unprecedented ways. It was no different in the academic world. Classes at schools and universities nationwide were either canceled or turned to virtual options. As college students were forced off campus, they had to […]

ASEZ WAO Green Workplace Project in Bayamon

ASEZ WAO Green Workplace Project

Research has shown that 80% of the plastic in our water comes from land. We use about a trillion plastic bags, 5 billion plastic straws and 55 billion plastic bottles every year. When people throw away plastic, it rolls around, reaches a river or reservoir and flows into the ocean. It then threatens marine life […]

ASEZ WAO’s Coworker Appreciation Event in Boston

ASEZ WAO's Coworker Appreciation Day

The pandemic has brought on new challenges over the last two years. So, ASEZ WAO volunteers held a Coworker Appreciation Day event in Boston. They had it in mind to encourage their coworkers during the difficult times of the pandemic. The event was part of ASEZ WAO’s Well-Being Promotion campaign, which fosters a healthy state […]

Hurricane Ida Disaster Relief Efforts

Hurricane Ida Disaster Relief

On September 1, New York and New Jersey were hit with intense tropical storm Hurricane Ida and left in a state of shock and tragedy. Flash floods triggered by the historic downpour covered some communities in nearly 14 feet of water in a matter of minutes. Once the waters subsided, the devastation left countless families […]

ASEZ WAO Volunteers Raise Awareness About Ways to Reduce Plastic

ASEZ WAO Tabling in Boston

On Sunday, July 11 ASEZ WAO volunteers held a paneling display in the city of Boston. The purpose was to raise awareness of the dangers of plastic waste and pollution. Reduce Plastic Use is one of ASEZ WAO’s eight campaigns. The goal is to promote a decrease in plastic production, consumption, and disposal. Through the […]

Church of God Hosts the First University Student Summer Camp

Church of God's First University Student Summer Camp

The World Mission Society Church of God held the first university student summer camp. Around 90 ASEZ students gathered at the Church of God in New Windsor from Washington D.C., Massachusetts, New York, Kentucky, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Maryland, Dominican Republic, and Puerto Rico. The students were divided into nine groups and each had a camp counselor. […]

Susan B. Anthony Cleanup in Rochester, NY

Church of God Volunteers Clean Susan B. Anthony Neighborhood

On April 11, 2021, 40 Church of God volunteers hosted their Susan B. Anthony cleanup in Rochester. Volunteers from Churches of God in Buffalo, Syracuse, and Rochester came together for the event. The historic Susan B. Anthony is one of the only current examples that still has its original layout from the early nineteenth century. […]

ASEZ WAO Volunteers Launch Heart to Heart Campaign for Essential Workers

ASEZ WAO Heart to Heart Campaign

First responders have been working non-stop since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. Studies have shown that they’ve become more vulnerable to stress-related conditions. Stress, anxiety, fatigue, and insomnia are a few things they’ve had to endure. So ASEZ WAO volunteers took the initiative to put together a small gesture for those serving their community during […]

ASEZ Human Rights Day Webinar

ASEZ Human Rights Day Webinar

The pandemic has shown a number of inequalities within underserved populations. So, during a year like 2020, people came to realize the importance of our basic human rights. Human Rights Day is commemorated in December every year. This year, ASEZ hosted a webinar to honor this day during such a unique time. Students invited professors […]