Atlanta is the capitol city of the state of Georgia, and is the most populous city in the state. Members of the Church of God in Atlanta take pride in their community. To improve their community, members dedicate themselves to volunteer services throughout the city.
As a result, the Atlanta City Council presented the Church of God with a proclamation. The City Council highlighted many of the works of the Church of God. A lot of the work the volunteers have done has had a positive impact in the community. This includes blood drives, to disaster relief efforts, and environmental cleanups. The Council expressed its hope to continue a lasting partnership with the Church of God. They look forward to continue serving the City of Atlanta together.
In a single cleanup, the volunteers collected about 3,600 bags of trash and 115 tires from a busy street. This is an example of their commitment to improving their city. 
The members attribute this dedication to serving their community to Heavenly Mother. She teaches that it’s better to give love than to receive.
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