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People First

Human Rights Day Promotional Campaign by ASEZ

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In partnership with The Office of New York State Assemblyman Nader Sayegh, District Attorney David Soares, and distinguished faculty members from various Universities, ASEZ (Save the Earth from A to Z) volunteers hosted a virtual forum to commemorate the UN Human Rights Day. University students from Lehman College, SUNY Albany, Old Dominion, and Tufts University worked in conjunction to coordinate this powerful event. This virtual forum is one of many efforts being carried out throughout the world by ASEZ to highlight how historic tragedies, such as the Coronavirus Pandemic, have brought about positive change in our regard for human rights for everyone. 

00:00:00 – Forum Banner

00:00:06 – People First Campaign Video

00:01:27 – Forum Begins

00:02:18 – Intro to ASEZ by Tim White

00:09:48 – People First Campaign Presentation by Elias Martone

00:17:44 – COVID-19 Effects of Human Rights by David Soares Albany County D.A.

00:44:39 – Clean Air is a Human Right by Christopher Zahchowski, Ph.D.

01:05:48 – Historical Health Crises and Human Rights by David Proctor, Ph.D.

01:18:41 – UDHR History by David E. Guinn, J.D., Ph.D.

01:36:15 – ASEZ Volunteerism and Student Engagement by Nader J. Sayegh, J.D.

01:45:26 – Q&A Section

02:06:09 – Online Quiz & Signature of Support

02:07:36 – Conclusion of Forum


Public Service Professor
State University of New York at Albany

Senior Lecturer of History
Tufts University

Asst. Professor of
Park, Recreation & Tourism Studies
Old Dominion University

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