WMS TV inspires the hope for heaven in all people, regardless of cultural background or geographical location. We present Biblical teachings that testify to Christ Ahnsahnghong and Heavenly Mother. Through this program, we hope viewers develop a deeper understanding of God’s plan of salvation as well as God’s love for us.


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“Mother’s Street” Cleanup Campaign

December 4, 2017|14 Comments

East Coast volunteers carried out the "Mother's Street" cleanup campaign, a global cleaning initiative that took place in over 6,000 regions and 175 countries throughout the world.

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Puerto Rico Disaster Relief Drive

October 16, 2017|16 Comments

Volunteers of the Churches of God on the East Coast hosted a disaster relief drive in response to Hurricane Maria effects in Puerto Rico.

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Dodge Park Cleanup

June 1, 2017|12 Comments

Members from the Boston and Springfield Church of God locations teamed up to remove trash from Dodge Park in an effort to beautify the park for the spring.