Early morning on Wednesday, September 20, Hurricane Maria hit Puerto Rico. It was one of the strongest hurricanes to make landfall on the small island. Just about the entire U.S. territory was left without power, trees were downed, and roads were blocked, which has made it almost impossible for help to reach those who are most in need.

Immediately in the aftermath of the hurricane, volunteers from the World Mission Society Church of God were seen in their yellow shirts and red vests, going house to house, giving their neighbors a helping hand. Whether it was just to check on them and provide words of comfort, or help clear out homes that were still flooded, Church of God volunteers forgot about their own needs and focused on showing the love of Mother.

To support their efforts and address the current needs on the island, volunteers along the East Coast and the Dominican Republic are carrying out disaster relief drives in their workplaces and schools over the next two weeks. Our hope is to collect as much non-perishable food, basic items, and medical supplies as possible. Then a group will travel to Puerto Rico and hand deliver them. Volunteers on the ground in Puerto Rico will finally bring these items to the homes that need them the most.

We hope that you will join us in showing kindness and compassion to our neighbors in need!

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If you’re interested in participating, please speak to a Church of God volunteer at your workplace or send us a message.

Accepted Items


MREs (meals ready to eat, available at military stores)

Ready-to-eat canned meats

Ready-to-eat canned fruits

Ready-to-eat canned vegetables

Protein or fruit bars

Dry cereal or granola

Peanut butter


Non-perishable pasteurized milk


Chlorine dioxide water purification tablets

Medical Supplies

Cotton swabs



Alcohol swabs

Hand sanitizer

Basic Items


Toilet paper

Paper towels





Feminine hygiene products

Diapers and pull-ups

Adult diapers



Portable flashlights

Mosquito repellent

Citronella candles


Battery-operated fans

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