ASEZ hosting its Crime Prevention Forum at the University of Louisville

Crime Prevention Forum at the University of Louisville

On Thursday September 19, 2019, ASEZ held their Crime Prevention Forum at the University of Louisville with leaders of the Louisville community. Together, they discussed different ways to reduce crime in the Louisville area, and how young adults can continue to make an impact through volunteer services.

ASEZ is made up of university students from the World Mission Society Church of God who conduct community service activities in 175 countries around the world. This past year, ASEZ volunteers held forums for their “Reduce Crime Together” campaign in Newport News, VA, North Brunswick, NJ, and Jersey City, NJ. These forums serve as a great way to raise awareness about the effects of crime, what residents can do to reduce it and how volunteer services proactively reduce crime.

Sharing Words of Action

Influential community leaders attended as guest speakers to share their insight and expertise on crime. Speakers included Rashaad Abdur-Rahman, MSSW, Director of the Office for Safe and Healthy Neighborhoods; Professor Luke Milligan, Ed.D; Chief Gary Lewis, University of Louisville’s Director of Campus Safety; Dr. Barry Denton, Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice at the University of Louisville; and Dr. Ralph Fitzpatrick, Vice President of Community Engagement at the University of Louisville.

Professor Luke Milligan speaking to students during the Crime Prevention Forum at the University of Louisville
Professor Luke Milligan speaking during the Crime Prevention Forum at the University of Louisville.
Dr. Ralph Fitzpatrick speaking to ASEZ students during their Crime Prevention Forum
Dr. Ralph Fitzpatrick speaking to the audience during ASEZ’s Crime Prevention Forum.

Community members, students, and ASEZ volunteers alike participated to learn and share how to make their community safer and more peaceful for their neighbors. Moreover, they shed light on what they believed was the main cause of crime in their community and how it could be resolved. With inspiring words and much conversation between those on the panel, the audience became engrossed by the discussion.

The panel pointed out the need for integrity and morality within the community; when a few begin to take notice and take action, then crime is reduced. The panel members touched on the need for leadership and taking ownership of one’s own environment.

Chief Gary Lewis with volunteers from ASEZ during the Crime Prevention Forum
Chief Gary Lewis (center) with volunteers from ASEZ during the Crime Prevention Forum.

Dr. Barry Denton said, “You need to be that one person to make that change, and having a positive environment is the first step because without that, you’re not going to have positive change.”

To conclude the forum at the University of Louisville, the agreement signing segment began. At this time, all the panel members pledged their support to work together with ASEZ to reduce crime in Louisville.

Dr. Barry Denton with ASEZ students at the University of Louisville
Dr. Barry Denton with ASEZ students at the Crime Prevention Forum.
Rashaad Abdur-Rahman speaking about ASEZ's Crime Prevention Forum in Louisville, KY
Rashaad Abdur-Rahman being interviewed during the Crime Prevention Forum.

Reducing Crime to Benefit Others

Many of the panel members and audience members were moved by what was discussed and walked away having a new sense of determination to make Louisville crime-free. Mustafa Almosawi, a student at the University of Louisville, said, “The forum explained that it was very easy and simple to reduce crime, that I as a person, even though I never thought about it, I can do many things to reduce crime in a way that is beneficial to me and everyone in my community.”

Speakers holding up signed MOUs during ASEZ's Crime Prevention Forum in Louisville, KY

Student volunteers of ASEZ hope that this Crime Prevention Forum inspires change and action to produce a more promising future for the Louisville area. To learn more about how to volunteer with ASEZ or the Church of God, visit our contact page.

45 thoughts on “Crime Prevention Forum at the University of Louisville”

  1. This was such an awesome event to attend! Hearing the panelists discuss how to Reduce Crime Together was encouraging and I am happy to see so many young people make a difference in the community. Keep up the great work ASEZ!

  2. I’ve seen many different locations where this campaign had been held. I believe you all are securing the safety of our communities and tomorrow. Great job.

  3. The quote from Dr. Benton was well said: “YOU need to be that one person to make that change…”
    The students of ASEZ are working hard together with community leaders to make impactful changes around the world. This organization is the spark to ignite others through these forums that bring the right minds together to make real differences!

  4. Americo Imperatore

    Looks like it was a great event- great job ASEZ Volunteers and thanks to all supporters who are taking the time to keep our communities safer.

  5. I was able to attend this event and am grateful for the words from the speakers. Each speaker gave a different insightful way to understand crime in the community from their given positions and it helped me to understand how I, a member of the community, can also be a part of crime reduction.

  6. World Mission Society Church of God & ASEZ ! Thank you for all you are doing to inspire the youth and make our neighborhoods and communities a more positive and safer place for all ages ! It’s great to Know the youth are making every effort through programs like ASEZ to make our world a more beautiful and better place ! Thank you !

  7. I love reading about people, especially young adults, who are partaking in positive and meaningful conversations. This ASEZ Forum is impactful because the ASEZ students team up with the community and local leaders to not only start the conversations about how we can change our world by reducing crime, but also putting it into action. Thank you ASEZ for bringing positive change.

  8. How amazing!
    The ASEZ students are the best!
    They dont just worry about themselves or their community but everyone around them. How beautiful!
    ASEZ students are the best!.

  9. When we bring to light the issues we face, as a community, it really shows our willingness to work and change for the greater good. Kudos to the city of Louisville and ASEZ for looking after everyone’s safety!

  10. This is the only group I know making consistent efforts to carry out the SDGs at a high level. Crime prevention is a universal need and the catalyst for change starts with young adults. Way to set the example for other volunteer groups who may be looking to follow your lead! Great work!

  11. I love that ASEZ members get the whole community involved and actively working towards the goal of reducing crime. The example they set and their level of commitment and enthusiasm is really beautiful.

  12. That was a great quote “You need to be that one person to make the change.” ASEZ is full of students who are trying to make that change around the world, keep it up!

  13. I’m so thankful for ASEZ and what a difference they are making in this world we live in. Especially in the days we live in, crime is not necessary so the fact that these young members are working so hard to make a world of a difference one step at a time is truly making an impact on the whole world!

  14. These ASEZ students are really setting a great example! Their willingness to come together to help make their community safer is heart warming.

  15. Michelle Neumiller

    ASEZ is always taking the lead in raising awareness and making an impact.
    I know that these events won’t go unnoticed and that proper & future recognition will be well deserved!

  16. This is the kind of example we need in our communities right now. Reducing crime together is so important to everyone. I’m so thankful for the efforts from the ASEZ volunteers. Great job!

  17. This is such a lovely event. What I love most is the willingness of influential community leaders to attend the ASEZ event as guest speakers to shed insight on how to reduce crime in the community. The ASEZ group of volunteers always take the stand at showing such a high level leadership and care for their communities. I am so happy that so much good news is spreading around the world about the good works of this group. Great job ASEZ! Keep going!

  18. It is beautiful to see a sense of responsibility and concern for one’s environment from the young adults! You have demonstrated your dedication through your efforts to build a bridge of communication between leaders and people so that together great works can be accomplished! Thank you for your efforts in reducing crime to make our environments safer and happier not only in Louisville, but also around the world! We are very thankful for you!

  19. Most people just hope to not be the victim of a crime and never really consider ways to prevent if from even happening. This topic is very inspiring. Awesome event. ^ ^

  20. It was an honor to be part of this event. The university staff, city officials and students that participated in this event felt the impact of the open conversation about crime reduction in Louisville. Keep up the good work ASEZ @UofL!

  21. It seems like this campaign is really stretching far and wide. I’m sure the Louisville members of ASEZ will continue to do great things.

  22. It seems like this campaign is really stretching far and wide. I’m sure the Louisville members of ASEZ will continue to do great things.

  23. Mustafa Almosawi stated, “…I can do many things to reduce crime in a way that is beneficial to me and everyone in my community.”

    After reading this article I realized that I, too, can do many things to make a difference in my community. Thank you ASEZ for inspiring all of us to be the best that we can be so the world can be a better place.

  24. I was able to participate in the forum in NJ, seeing it reach and impact leaders, students, and communities on the other side of the nation really shows the impact ASEZ has on our nation. I am encouraged through this and hope to spread this positivity and inspiration to my neighbors!

  25. It’s truly great that through this forum held by the ASEZ group not only were they able to discuss the issues at hand and what they do to help but they also discussed ways that everyone can help. Not just being a volunteer but as a member of the community many ways were shared that explained how everyone can make a difference for the better.

  26. Erika Rojas Mejia

    Nice job ASEZ volunteers !! You remind me of my college days and the importance of volunteering during those years and making an impact on issues such as crime in our own neighborhoods. You are an example to all youth 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

  27. ASEZ is truly making a difference in the world in so many ways!! You are all doing a fantastic job! Thank you for all of your efforts to fight crime in our communities !!

  28. Gilbert Rodriguez

    Dr. Barry Denton said, “You need to be that one person to make that change……….. ASEZ young adult university students are definitely making that change.

  29. Good initiative for college students to carry out. I’m glad to see their professors and community leaders also feel the same way and are working together.

  30. This is a great example of the youth taking the lead in crime reduction efforts. I really hope this will inspire many to join the movement!
    Thank you, Univ of Louisville and ASEZ!!

  31. In a world that has become so chaotic I’m so relieved to see people taking action. Not only are you taking the initiative to better our communities you hold forums like this to get other people involved. Great job and thank you!

  32. These forums are so eye-opening! I shared with some friends some of the crime stats I learned during a Reduce Crime Together presentation I attended in my area. They were just as surprised as I was when they heard that we too can make a difference even by doing small things such as properly disposing of trash. It’s so nice to see a group of young adults, passionately devoting their time to making the world a better place for all. Way to go ASEZ!

  33. I hope these forums continue taking place at universities all across the country and all around the world! This message of peace and love is something we all need to hear and put into action.

  34. Wow, I wish I could’ve attended this forum! Hopefully ASEZ can be in New Hampshire soon!! Amazing job!! 🌎💕

  35. Good to see this community taking initiative to reduce crime through this forum. I’m really impressed with the college students and it’s nice to see those who support them.

  36. It is so amazing to see all the volunteer works that have been done through ASEZ! The crime prevention forum is a great way to inspire students and raise awareness! Keep up the good work ASEZ!

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